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Sewage Backup Removal Service

When most people think of hazards, severe weather, and fires may be common scenarios. But many hazards can begin within your own home. If your residence or commercial property has sewer troubles, avoiding help for it can create a home for disease and disaster. Whether it’s a minor bathtub clog or a severely backed-up toilet, handling any kind of sewer water is dangerous. When you have this problem, don’t try to fix it yourself. Contact Xtra-Mile Restoration to remove the mess safely.

Professional Sewage Removal

Sewage overflow is disgusting, but that isn’t the only reason to clean it. Big and small backups can leak contaminated water into your home or even feed disease into your drinking water. The same pathogens found in sewers can develop in clean, but standing water. Raw sewage, for example, can contain E. Coli, Leptospirosis, and many more hazardous pathogens.

If the leak or overflow is coming from the toilet trap or beyond, it may carry black water that has touched raw waste. Black water often carries or has touched solid refuse and stays stagnant enough to host serious bacteria and viruses. Black water can also be spotted in lake and river water. Contact the Emergency experts now if you see a black water leakage in your home or business.

Our sewage removal experts are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide the highest level of service.

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24/7 Sewage Removal Service in SWFL

If your home has a sewage issue, we can help you get back to daily life quickly with full-service damage restoration.

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Bri O'Connell
Bri O'Connell
Amazing company! Did my floors, dry wall, paint, doors, shiplap wall and more after Hurricane Ian. The work was done quick and efficiently. They really work with you especially in such a stressful time!
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